Temporary Museum Exhibits

A Sketch of War: Wally Berg Draws World War II

This exhibit takes a look at the war through the eyes of the local artist with drawings and watercolors, maps, and military artifacts on display beginning in mid-July. Wally’s war time travels took him to Algeria, France, Tunisia, Sardinia, and many other places from the time he was drafted into the army in 1942 until the war ended in 1945. The exhibit includes several interactive components including a “Where is Wally?” map that invites visitors to use red x marks to locate 11 Wallys.

The exhibit will be on display through February.

A Sketch of More: Paintings by Wally Berg

Eight additional paintings by Wally are displayed in the Cabinets of Curiosity in the main hallway of the museum. They include a self portrait of the artist as a young man.

It Belongs in a Museum

The idea for this exhibit may have come from the famous line in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but you might be surprised to see some of the artifacts we’ve included. It Belongs in a Museum explores not just what we collect we also explore why we collect it. The exhibit shines a light on some unusual artifacts as well as those you might not thing of looking twice at, until you realize how important they are to a bigger story.

It Belongs in a Museum will be on display until early May 2018.

Muskegon Churches Before 1900

The streets are the same, but the view has definitely changed! Look back more than 118 years into the past and see the many churches that were spread across Muskegon’s downtown. Historic photos, locations, and a color-coded map will help you get a sense of where and when these houses of worship were in operation.

Muskegon Churches Before 1900 will be on exhibit in the Lakeshore Museum Center Archive Case through early July of 2018.