The Secrets of Bees Exhibit

Special Exhibit running through September 15, 2018

This interactive exhibit examines the ways bees affect us, and our impact on them. This is a timely topic as the bee population continues to be threatened and more and more people are becoming aware of the problem, and interested in learning how they can help.

Families can learn about honey production, the many different species of bees, and the proper way to plant a bee-friendly garden. This exhibit also features dress up opportunities — for kids and adults alike — with bee costumes and beekeeper suits, as well as a ​crawl-in hive, and a roadside stand where kids can have fun selling honey.

To go along with this exhibit, we will also be offering additional bee-related programming for children and adults throughout the Spring/Summer including our Amazing Honey Bee event on August 2nd, where we will have a demonstration with LIVE bees, honey tasting, and beeswax candle rolling.

Download our flyer of additional bee-related events and programming.